The First Experience Is PFX

EatoCracy PFX stands for EatoCracy Premium Food Experience and comprises bakery items which are generally non – perishable and they are mentioned as below

  • Mango Jam

  • Plum Jam

  • Spinach Corn Farci Bread

  • Crunch Peanut Butter

  • Eggless Marble Cake

  • Almond Cookies with Choco Chips

Customer has the freedom to select either of food items or get above mentioned items in Combo package at the best possible discounted price upto 20%. User is well informed about the benefits and values of each essential food item. The minimum order value is expected to be INR 500 for Home Delivery. Less than that is valid for Direct Takeaways. PFX items are available in options of 250 grams | 500 grams | 750 grams | 1 Kg. 

  • Culture and Taste of Home Made & Home Prepared which dispatches from EatoCracy Food Station. Also valid for Direct Takeaways.

Humari Theme : “Mitr banaye EatoCracy PFX ke saath”

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The Second Experience Is HFX


EatoCracy HFX stands for EatoCracy Hybrid Food Experience and is instant consumable food items which is served for both Brunch and Lunch

  • Dal Chawal

  • Tawa Roti and Sabzi

  • Green Salad

  • Masala Chai

  • Mithai

  • Riti Raita

  • Pickles

  • Idli

  • Papadum

Apart from the above, we do have other customized options of meals under EatoCracy HFX with various other possibilities.

The cost of per EatoCracy HFX meal starts from INR 100 and dispatches from EatoCracy Food Station.

Humari Theme : “Shakahari Aur Satvik Khanana EatoCracy HFX ka hai nara

The Third Experience Is EFX

Humari Theme : “Ghar Ka Khaana Bane Suhana Jab EatoCracy EFX Apke Daravaaze Par 2400 Ghante Hona”

EFX covers all scope of ESSENTIAL food items : Legumes, Vegetables, Spices, Sugar, OIL AND ETC.


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